Pedestrians who are accident victims usually sustain serious injuries. Some even lose their lives. Ironically, pedestrians typically have the right of way and all a driver needs to do to prevent a pedestrian accident is to follow the law and yield to a pedestrian. However, some drivers either forget this law or intentionally break it. Regardless of whatever a driver’s reason may be, it is still an act of negligence and the driver can be held criminally liable. This was apparent in a recent accident that happened just north of Newark, New Jersey.

In Ramsay, New Jersey, a 27-year-old Mahwah man was charged with leaving a fatal accident scene and driving with a suspended driver’s license. The driver was allegedly behind the wheel of a car that struck a 55-year-old man while the man was walking along a local road. The victim sustained a broken pelvis and extreme trauma to his head after the hit-and-run accident. The victim eventually succumbed to these serious injuries.

Since the victim died, the charges against the man were elevated by prosecutors and his initial bail was revoked. The man was held on a bond which he paid. However, after the victim died, the driver’s bail was doubled and he was unable to pay. According to reports, this was not the first time the man had a brush with the law. His driver’s license has been suspended three times in the last 7 years. Meanwhile, colleagues of the victim, a chiropractor, mourned the loss of the man they remembered as “thoughtful and dedicated.”

A New Jersey resident who is a victim of a pedestrian accident can file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver. In the case of a fatal accident, family members can file a legal action against a driver on behalf of a victim.

Source:, “Mahwah man facing upgraded charges in hit-and-run death of N.Y. chiropractor,” James Kleimann, Aug. 25, 2014