New Jersey workers often give the proverbial blood, sweat and tears every time they go to work. However, the proverbial becomes literal when workers are injured or suffer occupational diseases. Unfortunately, instead of immediately receiving workers’ compensation benefits to help with medical costs, lost wages and other expenses, some workers are given the runaround by employers. Our New Jersey law firm has the experience and resources to help workers get the workers’ compensation benefits they rightfully deserve.

Our Newark-based law firm understands that obtaining workers’ compensation benefits can be difficult. Experienced and skilled legal representation is crucial for an injured worker. Once a client seeks our help, we immediately gather medical records and pertinent data to make sure that an injured worker’s case is evaluated as soon as possible.

Through Temporary Total Disability Benefits insurance, an injured worker is entitled to receive up to 70 percent of their weekly salary. Our workers’ compensation attorneys make sure that employers honor this requirement. When injury or illness is deemed a permanent disability, we make sure that workers receive sufficient benefits to help them through recovery and beyond. Our law firm also has significant experience in appealing the denial of benefits.

New Jersey workers give their all when it comes to doing their jobs. It is only fitting that they be correctly compensated when they are injured or fall ill while doing their job. Our workers’ compensation attorneys will fight on their behalf to make sure they are treated fairly and obtain the benefits that they have earned.