New Jersey property owners are responsible for the safety of those who go enter their property, whether it is a residence or an establishment. While that may seem like a suggestion, it is actually a legal obligation for property owners. If a person is injured within their property, it can result in a premises liability lawsuit, especially when there is a clear indication of negligence on the part of the owner. However, negligence in this particular type of lawsuit is not easy to prove and it can be complicated. Fortunately, our East Orange law firm is exceptionally prepared to deal with such a legal action.

The expertise comes in handy, especially since premises liability cases can take so many forms. New Jersey residents often think that premises liability cases are limited to slip and fall accidents. However, this kind of lawsuit can take many forms, including elevator and escalator accidents, animal bites, injuries and accidents because of hazardous conditions and negligent security. Dram shop is also considered as premises liability depending on the situation. Whatever type it may take, there is always one constant-victims are at a disadvantage. Besides the obvious injuries, they can also suffer from emotional and financial troubles.

Our law firm is aware of the challenges victims go through. For this reason, we will do whatever is necessary so that a victim can receive full compensation. More than 40 years of combined experience has taught us that defendants, as well as their insurance providers, will often put up a fight to keep monetary awards to a minimum. However, we will be aggressive in our pursuit for the best possible outcome of the case.

Throughout the whole process, our East Orange law firm will make sure that the rights of the victim are protected. We do not give our clients false hope; our law firm has a record of success and our high quality legal representation gives real hope to victims.