Some New Jersey residents may think that the police can sort things out after a car accident. Although New Jersey’s police officers are more than able to handle such situations, they usually handle only a few aspects of a car accident, such as keeping order at the scene and filing charges. Auto accident victims, with the help of family members or friends, can take it a step further, especially if they suffer serious injuries.

So what can New Jersey residents do if they become victims of a car accident? First, victims should make sure that they receive sufficient medical care as soon as possible. It is important to keep records of the medical treatment. Why is documentation important? If a victim suspects negligence caused the accident, a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary. A lawsuit requires proper documentation when a claim is made. If a victim is unable to report to work, that person should also document any lost wages.

Is legal representation needed in a personal injury claim or will an insurance company cover it? Most of the time, car insurance can cover a claim. However, it is in the best interest of a victim to seek assistance from a personal injury lawyer. This is especially true when a victim’s medical expenses reaches thousands of dollars or the injuries are severe and the person was not able to report to work for an extended period of time.

Does this mean that a victim will have to go to court? Not necessarily, in many car accident cases, the other party usually negotiates a settlement to avoid litigation. Negotiations can be made for a settlement acceptable to the victim. However, if a New Jersey victim is not amenable to a deal, further legal action can be pursued.

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