When you are injured due to a property owner’s negligence, you may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit to recoup your expenses for medical care or lost wages. You may also be able to seek compensation for your pain and suffering and other non-economic losses.

One hazard that may be overlooked is the use of electrical cords or hoses. These can and do cause many falls, as people can get their feet entangled in the cord or simply trip over them. As a further hazard, when the electrical cords are connected to computers and other items, those things can be pulled to the floor or land on the person who fell.

Zip ties can help keep cords out of walkways and aisles. It is sometimes difficult to make sure that untied cords don’t prevent a hazard.

One good way to prevent accidents like these is for cords to always be covered. A carpet or rug can be placed over them; however, whatever is covering them needs to lay flat.

Hoses can also be a hazard, especially if they are hidden in grass or laying across a walking surface. They should be rolled up and stored out of the way when they aren’t being used. A retractable hose reel or self-coiling hose can help ensure the hoses aren’t left to be hazards.

If you have been injured in a premises liability accident, a lawyer can determine if you have a case worth pursuing for compensation in court. Not all accidents on someone’s property are the responsibility of the property owner; however, many are. Your attorney can provide more information.