A tragic accident happened at a Snoop Dogg rap concert in Camden, New Jersey. Forty-two people were injured when a railing collapsed last Friday evening a little after 10 p.m.

The railing collapsed because the crowd of fans at the venue were pressing against it during Snoop Dogg’s performance. According to a witness, approximately 50 people fell about 10 feet to land on a concrete area below. He said that numerous people fell on top of one another. At this time, the Camden County Police Department and Camden County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the accident.

The accident happened when Snoop Dogg and fellow musician Wiz Khalifa appeared on stage. According to witnesses, one of the musicians gestured that the spectators come closer. The crowd pushed forward and the railing collapsed. The incident resulted in 42 injuries. As for the details of the injuries, it is uncertain. All that is known is that the injuries were minor.

The following day, the fire marshal and representatives of the Camden’s building and code-enforcement department visited the concert location to inspect the area. However, the venue does not have any recent citations for violations on file.

When a serious accident happens at a concert venue that results in death or injury to the concert participants, it is likely that premises liability claims will arise. Those claims are important for injured concertgoers in their efforts to seek money to pay for the medical care needed to treat their injuries. Indeed, without assistance, those who do not have health insurance could find the medical costs for even a minor injury to be unaffordable.

Source: Philly.com, “Snoop Dogg concert stops shortly after railing collapse,” Aug. 06, 2016