It may have crossed your mind at one point or another that a business you frequent may need additional security. Though you may have difficulty determining when an establishment should have security guards on staff, a business may have certain characteristics that could create the need of such safety measures. If you have suffered an injury at a business because the owner did not provide sufficient security, you may have cause to file a legal claim.

High Crime Areas

If you go to a business located in an area known for having a high crime rate, the owners of the business have a duty to take steps to help ensure their patrons’ safety. If you are mugged or otherwise accosted on the business property and suffer injury, you may wish to look into the business’s security measures. An owner who does not hire security guards or take other safety measures could be liable for your injuries.

Alcohol Available

Because many restaurants, bars, clubs and other establishments serve alcohol, you may not necessarily consider it a safety hazard. However, individuals who consume too much alcohol could cause an atmosphere to become uneasy, and fights or other unsafe situations could break out. In such instances, even innocent bystanders could become injured, and if security was lacking, there may be cause for premises liability claims.

Overlooked Safety Issues

You may have been in a store or other establishment and been injured due to a safety issue that the owner should have corrected. In some cases, employees may overlook safety issues because the owners or store management does not train them in these matters. Well-trained security personnel often notice problems that could put patrons at risk. Therefore, if a property owner did not take the time to consult with a professional, your injury could be deemed the owner’s fault.

There are various individuals whom you could potentially hold liable for accidents and injuries that occur on certain property. Therefore, you may wish to closely assess your situation in order to determine whether you may have cause to file a premises liability claim. Serious injuries that have resulted due to negligence on the part of business owners or operators may warrant compensation.

Because legal proceedings may seem intimidating and you might feel uncertain as to what steps to take, you may wish to consult with an experienced New Jersey attorney.