Slip-and-fall accidents are far more common in New Jersey than you might think. These premises liability cases can be related to a wet floor, icy sidewalks or other dangerous property conditions. Most of us do not think of floors as particularly dangerous structures, but industry groups report that thousands of Americans suffer dire consequences every year because of inadequate floor maintenance. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that floors and flooring materials cause upward of 2 million injuries every year! If you have been the victim of a dangerous property condition, you deserve financial compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering.

So, what types of injuries can you suffer because of a fall? About 5 percent of fall victims suffer fractures, which are the most serious fall-related injuries. Furthermore, many of the deaths that people suffer in private residences are caused by falls from ground level, not from a taller elevation like a ladder.

Falls are actually quite deadly for certain populations. For instance, falls are the leading cause of injury-related death for those older than 85, and they are the second-highest cause of death for those ages 65 to 84. Victims often suffer spinal cord injuries and skull fractures, leading to serious injuries or even fatalities because of a negligent property owner.

The fact is that a wet floor or an icy sidewalk can pose significant danger to property visitors, no matter their age or physical condition. A customer does not deserve to suffer serious injury simply because a property owner can’t be bothered to clean up their building’s floor or walkway. Victims who suffer injuries because of these incidents may be eligible for financial compensation for their medical costs and other claims.

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