Technology behemoth Apple is being sued again for failure to prevent motorists from using their devices behind the wheel. Victims in New Jersey and other states argue that their personal injury cases are attributable to cellphone companies’ unwillingness to protect the general public. Now, a driver on the West Coast is looking to block Apple from selling any more iPhones in California until the company deploys the safety measures.

The victim, who was involved in a rear-end car accident, argues that Apple has had access to technology that would prevent car crashes since 2008. This technology would ostensibly limit the number of distracted driving accidents every year. A combination motion and scenery analyzer in the phones would prevent use by drivers while still allowing phone use by passengers in a bus or taxi, for instance.

Experts say that distracted driving accidents are on the rise, and those numbers are backed up by national statistics. These law enforcement and industry professionals say that the increase in car crashes is directly attributable to the use of mobile phones behind the wheel. The California lawsuit argues that Apple is prioritizing profit over public safety by refusing to install software that would prevent people from texting or operating their phones while driving.

We already have a significant number of restrictions designed to protect New Jersey residents from drunk driving accidents — why not more restrictions to help avoid distracted driving accidents? Victims in those cases suffer serious injuries, and their lives may be forever changed because of someone who would not put down the cellphone. Those irresponsible drivers should be subject to fines and civil action because of their harmful actions.

Source: ARS Technica, “Apple blamed again for another distracted driving traffic crash,” David Kravets, Jan. 24, 2017