An Amtrak conductor is seeking financial damages after a workplace injury accident left her with serious injuries while unloading baggage. The New Jersey woman is seeking workers’ compensation after she suffered spinal injuries, experienced a concussion and lost teeth in the train’s baggage car. The 58-year-old employee is seeking financial damages of more than $150,000 in connection with the incident.

Reports show that the woman was injured when she tripped while walking between the bulkhead door and interior door of the baggage car while retrieving luggage in August 2016. She says she tripped because of poor lighting, missing handholds and an uneven floor. The fall caused her to suffer major injuries to her head and spinal area, and the woman has undergone surgery to repair discs in her back. The woman has been unable to work since the accident.

Victims like this woman who suffer a serious workplace injury accident deserve financial compensation for their injuries. This woman is obviously suffering financially because of lost wages since she has been unable to work, and her neck injury could have long-term, lasting consequences. This type of work accident victim may be eligible for financial recompense for medical expenses, permanent disability, lost wages and a variety of other civil claims.

Those who are injured on the job because of their employer’s negligence may benefit from the help of a qualified personal injury attorney. These lawyers can provide additional assistance in recovering medical expenses and other damages associated with your worker’s compensation benefits. No one should have to suffer through the loss of their career and personal health because of a negligent employer.

Source:, “Amtrak conductor from N.J. sues over injuries in baggage car fall,” Jeff Goldman, April 25, 2017