If you opened your hotel room door to find a person standing in a dark corner, you would probably flee in fright. One premises liability victim did just that – and now he is seeking damages from a hotel on the Las Vegas strip because of the incident. The catch? The “person” was a decorative mannequin that was displayed in a glass case. Now, the victim is seeking financial compensation from the Planet Hollywood hotel in this highly unusual case of hazardous conditions.

Reports show that the victim entered his room in May 2015, and he was shocked to find what he thought was another person in the hotel suite with him. The man fled the room, presuming that the mannequin was a real person who meant to do him harm. In the process, the victim apparently suffered serious injuries, including damage to his limbs and nervous system. Legal documents are not specific about the nature of the injuries the man endured.

Now, the victim is seeking more than $10,000 in damages because of the incident, and he is demanding that Planet Hollywood tell guests about the mannequins before they rent the rooms. Planet Hollywood has traditionally been decorated with memorabilia. In this case, the man’s room featured a mannequin in a Miller Lite racing suit, and it was prominently displayed in a glass case.

The victim is seeking damages for medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning potential and attorneys’ fees, among other costs. Victims who have suffered such injuries because of a dangerous property condition deserve to be compensated for their injuries and associated expenditures. No one should have to endure such a traumatizing event without financial recompense from the at-fault party.

Source: New Jersey Herald, “Planet Hollywood sued for Vegas Strip hotel room mannequin,” Sally Ho, May 18, 2017