It is back-to-school time for kids around New Jersey. That means kids are gearing up for the classroom, sure, but it also means fall sports. Whether your child likes football or soccer, volleyball or cross-country, it is important that schools and athletic institutions follow certain safety rules.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2.6 million kids are treated in emergency rooms for sports-related injuries every year. They recommend schools and athletic institutions to the following to minimize risk:

  • Use up-to-date equipment and make sure all kids use them. Helmets are a must for contact sports, but kneepads and wristguards are important for a variety of sports, too. This equipment should be in good condition and worn at all times.
  • Teach safety. Teaching kids how to play sports includes teaching them how to do so safely. Safe sliding, safe falling, avoiding concussions and other safety tips should be a part of every sport.
  • Watch the heat. Many fall sports begin in August, and heat stroke is a real danger. It is important that coaches allow frequent water breaks and be mindful of the symptoms of overheating.

Have fun and play safe

Sports are a healthy and fun activity. However, they must be undertaken with the proper amount of safety precautions. The more researchers learn about the damage concussions can do, for example, the more we realize how important it is for kids to avoid head injury whenever possible.

Some injuries are unavoidable and falls, bruises and scrapes are a part of sports. However, serious and preventable injuries do occur. In such cases, the parents of the injured child may wish to file a lawsuit holding those responsible accountable for failing to take proper safety precautions.