You may be like many others here in New Jersey who regularly use a particular parking garage during your workweek. Each day, you drive in and out and walk to and from your vehicle. It may be so routine to you now that you don’t even think about it anymore.

Then, one day, something happened. Someone attacked you, you fell, or you suffered some other injury in the parking garage. From that day forward, you paid more attention to your surroundings. You may have begun to question whether your parking garage has adequate security.

Parking garage safety measures

The owner or manager of your parking garage owes you a duty to take reasonable measures to ensure your safety. Some of the most common ways to do that include the following:

  • Adequate lighting: Putting up enough lights to adequately keep the garage lit may only be the first step. Using reflective paint increases the light in the garage, and different colored paints for each floor helps those who use the garage to get to and from their vehicles.
  • Surveillance: Security cameras cannot only keep track of the traffic coming in and out of the garage, but they can also record images of the faces of drivers and others. In addition, in stairwells and other areas that don’t get sufficient lighting, they are also crucial for safety.
  • Routine maintenance: Keeping the garage in good repair can help deter crime as well. If the owner or manager of the garage fails to keep it clean and perform needed repairs, criminals may believe that no one is monitoring it, which puts you in harm’s way.
  • Call boxes: Placing call boxes throughout the parking garage provides you with a way to get help more quickly.

Some parking garages even have roving patrols to help deter criminal activity and provide assistance when needed.

Parking garage liability

If you suffer some sort of injuries in a parking garage, the owner may be liable under premises liability law. The owner is not only responsible for keeping you reasonably safe, but also for making sure that the elevators, stairwells and other surfaces are safe.

More than likely, you have numerous questions regarding the pursuit of compensation for your injuries. Perhaps an insurance company has already approached you and offered a settlement. Before you make any decisions regarding settling or pursuing litigation, you may benefit from gaining an understanding of your rights and legal options, along with other factors that could affect your claim.