Perhaps you and your spouse were about to attend a wedding reception in a hotel ballroom. The day was bleak, it was raining and you were glad to get inside. 

However, when walking down the corridor to the ballroom, you suddenly slipped and fell, severely injuring your shoulder. What caused you to fall and what is the next step? 

Slip versus trip 

A slip refers to losing traction between the bottom of your shoe and the surface on which you are walking. A trip occurs when you suddenly make contact with something that stops your progress. This could be an object of some kind, a cord, a hose or uneven flooring. 

Slips and traction issues 

The type of shoes someone wears—spike heels, for example—can certainly be the culprit in a slip-and-fall accident. However, the floor or surface is at fault for at least 50% of all such accidents. The wedding guests arriving for the hotel reception could bring in moisture from the rainstorm. Guests could even bring in oily residue from the parking lot. Just before you fell, you might have lost traction because of the cleaning product the cleaning crew used. The most fragrant cleaning solutions have oils that can leave floors slippery, and if the cleaning crew buffed the corridor, they may not have swept up the residue properly. 

Management of the injury 

Shoulder injuries are among the most painful anyone can experience. If the fall broke your shoulder, you will require surgery. If the accident dislocated it, a medical professional will need to pop it back into place. If the fall damaged the ligaments or tendons, you may need physical therapy and medication. In any of these cases, your recovery may take weeks if not months. 

The hotel may well be liable for the injury you suffered because the hotel owners have a responsibility to keep people safe while on the premises. If this is the case, you may have legal options for financial compensation for the costs of your injuries.