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The attorneys at Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, bring over 50 years of combined experience to each client and case. Our firm has been in continuous operation since the mid-1990s, and in that time, we have encountered nearly every type of motor vehicle accident imaginable. No matter how you were injured, contact us to learn how we can help you seek justice and compensation.

The Most Common Auto Accident Scenarios

Our attorneys are ready to help you seek compensation for any type of accident, including the common scenarios listed below.

Head-on collisions: These are likely to occur on undivided streets and highways where there is no barrier between opposing lanes of traffic. Because of the combined speed of the two vehicles, these tend to be among the most dangerous and deadly auto accident scenarios.

Rear-end accidents: These can happen in many different locations, including roads, highways and even parking lots. Speed is often the biggest factor influencing accident severity, but even low-speed collisions can result in serious injuries like whiplash, traumatic brain injuries and broken bones.

Side-impact (T-bone) accidents: The driver of one car crashes the front of their vehicle into the side of another vehicle (either on the driver or passenger side). These are common at intersections when at-fault drivers run red lights, fail to yield right of way or fail to notice drivers making left turns across oncoming traffic.

Rollover crashes: These can have numerous causes and need to be investigated carefully. Rollovers are sometimes the result of dangerous car designs (such as unstable SUVs), defective tires and other vehicle equipment, poorly designed/maintained roads, and being run off the road by another driver.

Sideswipe crashes: Two vehicles are traveling in the same direction, and one collides with the side of the other. These accidents are often caused by carelessness, including failing to check blind spots before changing lanes or swerving out of one’s lane due to distraction. They can also occur while trying to merge onto the highway or into a busy lane of traffic.

Single-vehicle crashes: At first, it may seem like a single-vehicle crash is solely the fault of the driver who crashes. However, that’s not always the case. If a driver had to suddenly overcorrect to avoid another motorist’s risky or dangerous maneuver, they may lose control of their vehicle and be forced off the road or into a stationary object.

How Our Firm Can Help

No matter what kind of auto accident you experienced, you can count on our skilled attorneys to investigate the details and determine what happened and who was at fault. We work quickly and efficiently to secure evidence, including pictures and videos of the accident (from security cameras), witness statements and information taken from each vehicle’s event data recorder (commonly called the “black box”). We prepare each case as though it will be going to trial. This often allows us to secure a favorable out-of-court settlement because insurers and at-fault drivers understand that we are good at what we do and that we will not accept less than what our clients deserve.

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