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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have answered common questions we receive from clients. Including the most common question we receive, which is about our contingency fee arrangement.

We know you have questions after injury. Read answers to FAQs below, or give us a call to discuss your individual circumstances in person.

I’ve been injured on someone else’s property. What’s next?

If you have been hurt in a premises liability accident, you will likely have many questions about what your next steps should be. One of the first things you should do is to contact a lawyer about what happened as soon as possible. While our attorneys at Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, in East Orange are well-versed in premises liability cases, there are several other things you can do on your own that can be beneficial to your case, and to you personally, in the long run.

Seek medical attention – In general, the sooner you can be evaluated by a doctor, the better chance you will have at treating your injury and recovering. If your case is successful, you can receive compensation for your medical bills.

Take pictures – Having physical evidence of what led to your accident is important. Torn carpeting, icy parking lots, broken handrails and other physical hazards might be fixed or gone entirely if you visit the site later. You should also photograph your injuries such as cuts, bruises or other wounds you suffer.

Interview witnesses – If someone saw your accident happen, talk to him or her. At least get his or her name and contact information so that your lawyer can speak to him or her at a later time. He or she might also know if the premises liability issue had existed for some time already, and if the responsible parties such as the building owners knew about the problem. Someone might have been hurt in the same fashion earlier.

Don’t give a statement – You might be pressured to sign documents or go on the record about what happened. Do not do this without speaking to your attorney first.

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What steps do I take after a car accident?

It is important that you call a lawyer as soon as possible following the accident. At Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, we only get paid if we recover money for you, so you only stand to gain in having the accident reviewed by skilled legal representation for free to ensure that you recover the damages you are entitled to.

What should I do after an accident?

The outcome of your auto accident claim and the damages you can recover depend in great part on what you do immediately after the accident.

  • Take pictures – It is important that you take pictures of the accident. Photos of both your car and that of the other vehicle, as well as pictures of the surrounding area, can help to prove fault.
  • Don’t give a statement – Never give a statement to the other insurance company without first speaking to an attorney.
  • Don’t say you’re not injured – Whether you feel you are injured or not, do not state that you are not injured and do not feel any pain immediately after the accident to the police or other people involved in the accident. Some injuries show symptoms later and saying that you were not hurt can cause you to be blocked from compensation for those injuries.
  • Get witness contact information – If anyone saw the accident, make sure that you get his or her contact information.
  • Report the accident – In Newark, police no longer respond to all accidents. You must go to the police station and make a report of the accident.
  • Let your own insurance company know – Contact your insurance company as soon as possible and provide your account of how the incident occurred.
  • Keep all documents – From bills to lists of doctors you visited, document everything and keep all receipts. These will be important in establishing how much you should recover in damages.

We Stand Up For Essex County Car Accident Victims

At Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, we will skillfully guide you through the process of recovering the damages you are entitled to. If you don’t recover damages, we don’t get paid.

To schedule a free, no-pressure consultation to review the details of your auto injury or accident and assess what you are able to recover, please call our office.

Spanish translation is available – Se habla espanol.

Se habla espanol/Spanish language services are available.

How do I handle car insurance companies after an accident?

As you review insurance options, it is important to always remember that you have insurance for when things go wrong and you need to be covered. You need to build a policy that will sufficiently cover all of your needs, both medically and for property damage when an accident or catastrophe occurs.

Newark Insurance Do’s And Don’ts

Keep in mind the following:

  • In the New Jersey area, dollar-a-day automobile policies and other special policies are all too common. These policies may seem like an affordable option. When you need money, however, you will be able to sue, but you will not have medical coverage. You will only have emergency PIP benefits, which only cover emergency room expenses. This leaves you holding the bill for doctor’s visits, rehabilitation and therapy and any additional injuries or re-injuries.
  • As you evaluate insurance policies, make sure that you invest in adequate medical benefits. Even in auto insurance, not having sufficient medical coverage can be a costly mistake following an accident.
  • When you move or relocate, make sure that you notify your insurance company. This can affect your home or renters insurance. Also, it is important that you notify the company if someone else moves into your home, a renter or otherwise. Following an accident, this can play a part in what will be compensated.
  • Be very careful and forthright when filling out an application for automobile insurance. A misrepresentation, even if unintentional, on the insurance application may give the insurance company grounds to deny your claim.
  • Your uninsured/underinsured benefits (UM/UIM), should be the same as your bodily injury benefits (BI). In no circumstances should your UM/UIM benefits be less than your BI benefits.

At Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, we can help to clean up the financial blow that can come when you are injured without a sufficient policy. Our lawyers will use the key understanding of insurance policies to piece together coverage to get you the benefits you need. It is always better, however, for you to have a sufficient policy upfront to be ensured that you receive compensation.

Essex County Insurance Benefits Attorneys

To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your insurance policies and what can be done to help cover bills incurred, please contact our office today.

Se habla espanol/Spanish language services are available.

What is our fee structure?

Most of our clients have to work hard to meet daily living expenses. After an injury, even if they can no longer work, the bills keep coming. Additional medical expenses can’t be paid. The injury and associated pain can make it hard to even care for children or get chores done.

Sound familiar? If so, you may think you cannot afford a premier personal injury attorney who will stand up for your rights. Fortunately, you can. At Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, we believe everyone should have the highest caliber of legal representation after injury, even if they are falling behind on bills.

Our Fee Arrangement

Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means we charge you nothing to take on your case. If we believe we can help, we will negotiate with insurance companies, conduct discovery (the portion of the case where each side gets information about the accident), and prepare for trial. If we cannot negotiate fair compensation prior to trial, we will argue your case in court.

If we are successful in getting you the money you deserve, we take a portion of the recovery to cover the legal costs associated with your case. If we are not successful in getting you money, you don’t owe us anything.

That’s it. There is no complicated hourly billing. Just a one-time contingency fee that we take directly from the insurance company for getting you the money you need.

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After being injured in an accident, it is hard to know where to turn for answers you can trust. Insurance companies are looking to protect their own financial interests. The negligent party may come up with a story denying responsibility. The law can be complex, and mistakes can mean you will not receive fair compensation for your injury. All the while, you must deal with medical treatment, bills, missed work and other circumstances that can make it difficult to concentrate on recovery.

At Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, we are happy to answer your personal injury questions in a free initial consultation. You can also call 973-609-5693 to reach our East Orange, New Jersey, office. If we do work together on your recovery, there is no fee unless we get you compensation.