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When children fall: Faulty windows and landlord negligence

Kids will be kids. As parents, we do our best to keep them safe. We remove suffocation risks from reach, buckle young children into car seats when driving and hold their little hands as we cross the street. But what happens when someone else fails to do their part and this failure contributes to injury or death?

New Jersey safety reminders to prevent pedestrian accidents

New Jersey officials do their best to make sure that residents can safely walk on streets without fear of being struck by motorists. Pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries and death. On April 10, 2010, the state passed Assembly Bill 1329, which outlines the responsibilities and consequences that drivers, as well as pedestrians, face when they do not follow the law.

Man responsible for fatal pedestrian accident faces charges

Pedestrians who are accident victims usually sustain serious injuries. Some even lose their lives. Ironically, pedestrians typically have the right of way and all a driver needs to do to prevent a pedestrian accident is to follow the law and yield to a pedestrian. However, some drivers either forget this law or intentionally break it. Regardless of whatever a driver's reason may be, it is still an act of negligence and the driver can be held criminally liable. This was apparent in a recent accident that happened just north of Newark, New Jersey.

New Jersey car crash ends with one dead, another injured

There are inherent traffic risks that can endanger the well-being of motorists and other people on the road. For instance, although weather conditions are beyond any person's control, drivers should always consider it and exercise caution because weather can cause poor visibility while driving.

Pedestrian accident leaves senior seriously injured

Because of their age, the reflexes of the elderly can be slower, and they may not react immediately to a dangerous situation. They are also more likely to suffer serious injuries if they are struck by a vehicle.

Mobile app company faces lawsuit after pedestrian accident

Distractions while driving can divert a motorist's attention from the road. As mobile phones became more advanced, smart phone apps can become additional distractions for drivers.

New Jersey city to enforce laws to protect pedestrians

Because pedestrians should be as safe as possible when they are out walking, the city of Hawthorne's police department is expanding its efforts to both enforce traffic laws and educate drivers about pedestrians' rights. The overall goal is prevent pedestrian accidents.

Woman dies in pedestrian accident north of Newark

Motorists share New Jersey streets not only with other vehicles but also with pedestrians. As in any situation where people need to share, respecting each other's rights is essential. Some motorists still forget this, however, and end up causing a pedestrian accident that can either cause injuries or turn fatal for a resident.

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