Forklifts are widely used throughout New Jersey and the rest of the country. But just because a heavy piece of machinery such as a forklift is commonly used doesn’t mean that this kind of equipment is free of risk. Anyone who has spent much time around a forklift of any size knows that a workplace accident can easily result if the necessary precautions aren’t taken.

Recently in Paterson, two workers got hurt on the job because of a forklift accident. According to fire department officials, the accident happened when one of the workers tried to lift a piece of granite onto the forklift while the other worker operated the heavy equipment.

Unfortunately, the granite was too heavy for the first worker, and the rock dropped on him. The other employee saw the accident and leaped off the forklift to help his co-worker. However, the man operating the forklift failed to switch the machine neutral, and the equipment rolled into both men. An ambulance carried them to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center with leg and hip injuries.

Safety should be a primary concern in any workplace. It is a requirement for all companies to protect their employees from hazards that might be present around the premises or from any unsafe working conditions. That protection includes ensuring that enough people are employed on a work crew to prevent injury.

In New Jersey, if an injurious accident occurs at work, who or what caused the accident doesn’t matter in terms of the injured employee’s right to workers’ compensation. Complications arise, however, when the extent of an injury isn’t fully conveyed to the employer, resulting in a lack of care for the specific injuries.

To ensure that full medical coverage is provided through workers’ compensation, it is a good idea to consult with an attorney who can collect all the necessary medical records and help the injured worker obtain optimal care.

Source: The Record, “Two men injured in accident at Paterson company that makes granite,” Denisa R. Superville, Oct. 8, 2012