Trucks often pose enormous threats to other drivers and pedestrians. In New Jersey, many trucks may have caused or may have been involved with truck accidents. Most truck accidents are caused by speeding and inattentive truck drivers and result in damage to property, injuries and death.

Recently, in South Brunswick, New Jersey, a woman was killed in a tragic accident that occurred on Route 1 and Promenade Boulevard. According to a witness, the accident involved two vehicles that tried to pass through a traffic light.

The collision occurred as the car attempted to make a left turn while the truck drove straight from the opposite direction. The report stated that the car was struck by a dump truck on the passenger’s side. The car was wedged between the truck and a light pole. The truck driver was uninjured.

Authorities warned the other drivers on the road to avoid the area until police complete their investigation

Fatal truck accidents may take a huge toll on the victims and their families. Losing a loved one is very difficult but losing the loved one in a tragic accident is even worse.

The family of the deceased victim may experience financial difficulties caused by medical and funeral expenses. In some cases, the victim may have been the person who was providing financial support for the family. In that case, the death of the loved one will be even more impactful on the family.

An accident victim should seek compensation for the injuries that were sustained. The law may state that the negligent driver, the truck driver and the truck company will be liable to pay compensation. New Jersey residents who may have similar experiences should obtain legal advice from a professional who can help guide the victim or the victim’s family and make them aware of their rights.

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