Another company has recently been cited by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration for its inability to address problems that could cause injury to its workers.

OSHA recently cited a local construction firm for eight violations, including three repeat offenses, in one of the company’s worksites. The violations were issued after OSHA found fault in the company’s practices that could risk workers getting hurt on the job.

The citations were issued in the town of Voorhees, located about an hour and a half from Newark, where the company operates a work site. It came after a 2012 investigation found serious safety violations, which included hazardous scaffolding. OSHA is proposing a $50,000 fine.

Serious violations are defined by the agency as ones with a substantial probability that death or serious harm could result and with knowledge by the employer. Failure to address the problems and provide necessary training will automatically result in citations after a planned investigation.

The company previously has been cited for similar issues. OSHA indicated that the company lacked fall protection equipment, cross braces, and missing toe boards in its work sites throughout the area.

According to OSHA representatives, the company’s failure to correct these hazards could leave employees and workers at risk for serious injuries or death. The company, which has 15 days from the issuance of the citation to comply, must adhere to OSHA standards and comply with regulations imposed by the agency.

Companies in Newark and throughout New Jersey are expected to follow certain safety guidelines designed to protect the safety of all employees in the state. One key issue is that not all employers comply with the rules and many continue to allow unsafe working conditions, resulting in repeat OSHA violations. Fortunately, the government is very strict about implementing policies that ensure workplace safety and well-being.

Workers’ compensation programs are available for workers who are injured on the job. This can provide a source of much-needed compensation when a work-related injury has occurred.

Source: Cherry Hill Patch, “OSHA Cites Masonry Company for Violations in Voorhees,” Karen Araiza, April 13, 2013