Dangerous property conditions should always be the priority of property owners in Essex County, New Jersey. This includes icy sidewalks, inadequate security and other dangerous conditions on the premises. Many business owners may think that a big company such as Target would be a company that keeps their stores properly maintained and safe from those conditions. However, that may not always be the case.

In fact, Target, the second largest retailer in the United States, is named as a defendant in a premises liability lawsuit. A customer filed the lawsuit after an alleged slip-and-fall accident at one Target location in Louisiana. Reportedly, the slip-and-fall accident happened on June 26, 2013, when the plaintiff alleged that he slipped and fell to the floor after stepping in a water puddle. The victim claimed that he underwent extensive medical care and treatment due to the injuries he suffered in the incident.

The slip-and-fall lawsuit claimed that Target Corporation failed to warn the plaintiff about the known hazards on the floor. The customer accused the retail giant of negligence as well. Although no specific amount has been reported, the victim is asking damages for medical expenses, lost wages and earning capacity and mental anguish.

From a simple spill on the floor to a freshly mopped floor at a retail store, these conditions could lead to injuries to customers and visitors. Property owners should remember that they have the legal duty to address and maintain hazards on the premises. In not doing so, any customer injury brought by that hazard could be their legal responsibility.

Target, like property owners in New Jersey, aim to satisfy their customers. However, if they failed to provide safe and secure premises, those customers could hold them liable for a premises liability injury.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Target sued by man claiming he was seriously injured after slipping and falling in water puddle,” Kyle Barnett, Jan. 15, 2014