The mass, size and power of a truck poses a danger to any person on the road. Unfortunately, some truck drivers underestimate the potential danger of a commercial vehicle to other people on the road. These irresponsible drivers remain a threat to public safety.

For example, a bus-truck accident recently occurred in Manhattan. The incident occurred when a city bus and a box truck collided at a 7th Avenue intersection. The impact of the collision sent both vehicles onto the sidewalk and through some construction scaffolding of a 12-story commercial building. Unfortunately, the accident injured four people and killed the 49-year-old bus driver, who was a New Jersey resident.

A bus passenger and two pedestrians were injured and were taken to a local hospital. One of the pedestrians was a coffee cart vendor. Police added that the truck also struck a person riding a motor scooter prior to the collision with the bus. This victim sustained injuries as well. Authorities believe that the box truck had been stolen.

A 22-year-old man was driving the truck; he faces pending charges from authorities. Police continue to investigate the accident.

New Jersey residents know that stealing a vehicle is against the law. The same applies for driving recklessly on the road, particularly at intersections. A motorist, whether the person is driving a car or a truck, should drive safely and with caution and should always consider the safety of others around him or her. Failing to do so could result in criminal and civil liabilities for the negligent driver as well as serious injuries for others.

Source: North Jersey, “N.J. man killed, at least 4 injured in NYC bus-truck crash,” Karen Matthews, Feb. 12, 2014