Summer weather is perfect for having some fun outside, and many Newark residents are expected to flock to New Jersey’s many amusement parks. A wide selection of rides and other fun-filled attractions can help a New Jersey resident beat the summer heat. However, the danger of sustaining an injury in amusement parks is real. According to research, despite being heavily regulated to maintain safety standards, amusement parks in New Jersey still have their share of accidents and injuries.

Close to 600 amusement park incidents were deemed serious in the last five years. Reported injuries ranged from an injured finger to death in 2011, when an 11-year-old girl fell from a Ferris wheel. Mountain Creek, which reverted to its more popular name “Action Park,” accounted for more than a hundred incidents and was followed by three other parks with 71 incidents. Although roller coasters instill the most fear in amusement park patrons, it’s the waterslides and other water attractions that caused the most injuries in the state in the last four years.

However, amusement park owners downplayed the figures, stating that some incidents included theme park patrons who requested to be brought to the hospital, regardless of need, in order to provide further health evaluation of the guests. However, amusement parks do have medical technicians on duty in case of emergencies and they are also inspected by the Department of Community Affairs.

A trip to an amusement park can definitely be fun-filled, but New Jersey residents should always have safety in mind. A resident injured in an amusement park because of hazardous conditions can file a premises liability lawsuit against the theme park for negligence. The legal action can hold the theme park legally responsible. It can also result in a monetary award for an injured resident to pay for medical treatment and other related damages.

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