Property ownership has its own set of responsibilities that, when followed, should provide for the safety of the property owner and other property visitors as well. Some New Jersey property owners may forget this very real responsibility and blame the victim when an accident occurs leaving a visitor or resident injured. However, we are aware of these responsibilities and the laws regarding premises liability and we believe that the right people should be held responsible for any negligent acts.

Premises liability has a wide scope. It not only refers to slip and fall accidents, as most people may know, but injuries from accidents in establishments such as shopping malls, grocery and retail stores, offices and amusement parks. Homeowners can also be held liable if sidewalks are not properly maintained or pets cause physical harm. Most people will also be surprised to know that dram shop liability is considered premises liability. This refers to a bar owner who can be held legally accountable if they continue to serve alcoholic beverages to patrons who then cause an accident after leaving the bar.

Despite the wide scope and potential complexity of premises liability cases, our New Jersey lawyers know their way around a liability case. We have provided skilled and experienced legal representation to clients in Newark and other New Jersey locations for more than 40 years combined. We know that premises liability victims’ lives can be severely altered because of injuries sustained. We always aim to secure full compensation for victims not only for lost wages and medical costs but for other damages as well.

Premises liability is not just about safety; it’s about responsibility. Our responsibility to our New Jersey clients is to be focused and dedicated in providing the quality legal representation they truly deserve, so victims can move forward from an unfortunate experience to an enjoyable life.

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