Insurance companies often want to limit the compensation a victim receives. This can leave an injured victim with funds that may not be sufficient for their full recovery. Pedestrian accident victims in this situation may wish to consult with our Essex County accident attorneys.

Our law firm has handled pedestrian accident cases that involve drivers of both private and commercial vehicles. We are aware of the confusing, and often unfair, process of sorting out damages in a pedestrian accident. We have the experience and the resources to take on the insurance companies and their lawyers.

Our experienced lawyers have aggressively fought for the rights of accident victims. We know that injuries sustained from an accident can be very serious, such as brain damage and multiple broken bones. Some victims even lose their lives. We are aware that besides medical expenses, victims can also incur lost wages and subsequently their families suffer due to financial difficulty. Our skilled lawyers will take every need into consideration as we seek the highest possible compensation on behalf of our clients and we seek the justice that they deserve.

Most New Jersey residents think that pedestrians only have rights when they are in a crosswalk; however, pedestrians also have the right of way when walking on a sidewalk or in a parking lot. We can help make sure that insurance companies and the driver involved understand these distinctions. When the accident is fatal, we will fight on behalf of the surviving family so they can concentrate on grieving and healing. For more information on this area of our practice, visit our Pedestrian Accidents web page.