Trains are heavy and dangerous, and when passengers waiting to board them aren’t careful, senseless accidents can happen. For this reason, the New Jersey Transit system has posted specific pieces of advice that all railway train passengers need to be aware of. Here is what the New Jersey Transit system says passengers should do to prevent catastrophic accidents from occurring:

— Only cross tracks at designated areas and look both ways before attempting to cross.

— When crossing gates are down, never attempt to pass under them. Gates in the down position signify that a train is coming.

— When boarding and exiting the train, look down and mind the gap between the platform and the train.

— Always wait behind the safety line, which is marked on the platform to prevent passengers from falling onto the track or getting hit by a passing train.

— Never attempt to exit a train that is still moving.

— Do not leave children on a train without supervision, and make sure to hold the hands of children when exiting and boarding.

— Be careful not to block railcar doors when they are closing, and never lean against them when they’re closed.

— Never jump onto the tracks, even if something was dropped. It’s always better to notify a train crew member.

Following these simple pieces of advice will avoid the majority of railway accidents. However, in rare situations, accidents might still happen due to the fault or negligence of the New Jersey Transit system. In such cases, accident victims who suffer injuries may have the ability to pursue personal injury claims for financial damages relating to their injuries and medical care.

Source: NJ Transit, “Rail Safety,” accessed Aug. 24, 2016