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3 tips for avoiding a motorcycle crash

On behalf of Goldstein Goldstein

At Goldstein & Goldstein, we have handled numerous motorcycle accident cases on behalf of injured motorcycle enthusiasts, and each time we handle a case like this we grow to have more respect for motorcyclists. Indeed, the “biker community” tends to be extremely knowledgeable about safety and how to avoid crashes, and many motorcyclists have taken extensive safety classes to ensure that their safe riding skills are as polished as possible.

Still, there are a lot of riders on New Jersey roads who are self taught and unfamiliar with the most basic safety tips. For this reason, we encourage all bikers to attend a safety course, but in the meantime, we’ll outline some important things that motorcyclists can keep in mind.

— Cornering too fast: Sometimes motorcyclists who are riding with others feel pressured to keep up and they could end up taking risks, like cornering too fast. Fast corning is risky, it takes skills, and a lot of accidents happen when a wheel slips out from under a biker. This kind of incident frequently sends bikers sliding into oncoming traffic. It’s best to always ride within the limits of one’s ability in this regard.

— Avoid rear-end collisions: A rear-end collision is most likely to happen on a congested highway or at a traffic light. For this reason, motorcyclists should keep plenty of space (both front and back) between themselves and other vehicles. This will give the motorcyclist and the vehicles behind them plenty of time to react in the event of a sudden traffic stop or slowdown. Motorcyclists may also want to plan ahead for an escape route in the vent they see a distracted driver coming up quickly behind them.

— Never drink and ride: Statistics show that 50 percent of motorcycle-related deaths are the result of alcohol, and some believe that the numbers are even higher. When considering this fact, it’s tragic to realize how many bike events include alcoholic beverages. The fact is, it’s always safest to never drink and ride.

No matter how safe or unsafe motorcyclists are, vehicle drivers tend to be far more reckless and inattentive. New Jersey motorcyclists hurt in car crashes that are not their fault may, therefore, want to pursue claims for financial restitution by holding reckless vehicle drivers accountable for their devastating actions.

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