Four New Jersey residents who suffered third-degree burns from malfunctioning e-cigarettes are seeking financial compensation from the device manufacturers. The victims say that their permanent injury lawsuits are designed to bring attention to the widespread problems with e-cigarettes and similar devices. They say that few statistics are being kept about the safety of these items — and that users are unknowingly putting themselves at risk. The consumers are now striking back with lawsuits against retailers, distributors, and wholesale companies that sell the devices, arguing that the sellers should have known about the danger inherent in the use of the devices.

One 40-year-old burn victim said that his e-cigarette battery exploded in his pants pocket in late September. The explosion led to permanent injury, including third-degree burns on his leg. The victim has not been able to work since the accident occurred, and he has undergone skin grafts. Doctors anticipate that the man will require additional surgeries.

Other victims are reporting similar outcomes, with one man saying that his leg was severely burned with battery acid during the explosion. A teenage girl is undergoing reconstructive surgery after an exploding device blew out her top teeth. That young woman will require bone grafts in the near future.

Consumers should not have to suffer through excruciating agony simply because they want to use a vaping device. Just like injuries suffered in mass transit accidents or pedestrian accidents, these vaping injuries can cause permanent damage and affect a victim’s ability to work or enjoy life. Victims who have been injured by malfunctioning products may have legal recourse against the manufacturers or retail establishments who sell the products. Distributors should not be allowed to continue to sell dangerous products when they have been proven to maim their consumers.

Source:, “4 injured N.J. vapers sue e-cigarette retailers for selling exploding devices,” Susan K. Livio and Kathleen O’Brien, Dec. 16, 2016