Many people believe those who pursue premises liability lawsuits are just greedy. Obviously, these people have never suffered negligent injuries on another person’s property. The decision to take legal action against a property owner is in truth intensely personal, and in most cases, it has very little to do with financial gain.

One of the key points we help our clients understand is that they have a right to remain free from foreseeable harm on public or private properties. What does this mean? It simply means that property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises’ free of safety hazards. This includes removing ice, snow or rain that could lead to a slip-and-fall accident. It also includes many other elements like keeping walkways, stairways and carpets in good repair.

You may think it is not worth the trouble to seek a legal remedy for what seems like such a minor thing, but consider this: Very often, what seems like a minor injury becomes more complicated as time passes. This could mean a plethora of medical bills as well as lost wages. Taking legal action early on can help ensure you receive the compensation you will need to cover these expenses.

However, in our East Orange, New Jersey, practice we have seen that this is not the main reason people pursue justice. By far, the majority of our premises liability clients simply want to ensure that no one else suffers because of a property owner’s negligent action or inaction. To them, the financial compensation they may receive simply allows them to continue living their lives just as they did before the accident.

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