We all have heard of slips, trips, and falls when it comes to premises liability cases. What we may not know is the effect that these falls have for those who are particularly vulnerable to personal injury, including elderly populations. In fact, new information shows that elderly victims are more likely than ever to suffer from concussions and other brain-related injuries when they fall down.

New research demonstrates the fact that concussions and brain injuries are on the rise for older people in New Jersey and other states. Currently, about one in every 45 Americans age 75 or older suffers a head injury that requires treatment every year. That number is a whopping 76 percent higher than the numbers a decade ago.

What causes head injuries among elderly groups? In general, older victims who suffer traumatic brain injury are more likely to have existing impaired vision, dizziness and other related health problems. Further, they are less capable of recovering from losing their balance as compared to younger people.

What’s more, one fall can easily lead to others, according to existing research. More than 30 percent of older adults who experience an initial head trauma end up in the emergency room again within 90 days. A negligent property owner could easily be responsible for the initial premises liability slip-and-fall, which could cause further health decline for older victims.

This is why holding those negligent property owners accountable is absolutely essential; victims deserve financial compensation for the injuries they have suffered because of someone else’s misdeeds. Brain injury victims may be eligible for financial compensation after suffering injury because of a hazardous property condition.

Source: WGEM, “Falls are taking a huge and rising toll on elderly brains,” Mike Stobbe, March 16, 2017