What does the process look like for submitting a workplace injury claim in New Jersey? When you are looking for help from a workers’ compensation claim, the regulations and requirements may seem overwhelming. The fact that the process seems difficult should not dissuade you from seeking the money you need and deserve – instead, consider seeking the assistance of a qualified team of attorneys. Today, we explain some of those confusing details to get you started on your workplace injury accident claim.

Is there a timeframe for filing my workers’ compensation claim? Yes. In New Jersey, you generally have to file the claim within two years of the injury in order to be eligible for benefits. In some situations, this requirement may be flexible, particularly for workplace illness victims who may not become aware of their conditions until well after their employment tenure.

How long must an employee be out of work to receive workers’ compensation benefits? State law requires that you are unable to work for seven days, including weekends and holidays, in order to be eligible for benefits. The days do not have to be consecutive.

How soon can I expect payments for my claim if I am successful? The state requires employers and their insurance companies to pay your claim promptly or be subject to a fine. In general, if payment is not delivered within 30 days of the judgment, the company is required to pay a fine and associated legal fees.

What if I need help with my workers’ compensation claim? Assistance is available for the work accident victim who does not know how to proceed with the workers’ compensation process. A team of qualified attorneys can help you get your case on track, allowing you to get the financial compensation you deserve after an accident.

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