On the heels of National Dog Bite Week in April, discussing injury related to dog bites and postal workers simply makes sense. One of the most vulnerable victims for personal injury from dog bites is your postal worker. Postal Service representatives rank just behind senior citizens and children when it comes to frequency of dog bites. Now, with increasing rates of package delivery throughout the nation, postal workers suffer a growing risk of permanent injury because of dog bites.

Why, exactly, are dogs so dangerous for postal carriers? It all comes down to dog psychology. When the postal carrier comes, the dog barks – and then the carrier leaves. In the dog’s mind, the animal is chasing away the postal carrier. This perceived power can sometimes lead to escalating bad behavior. In fact, so many postal carriers say that the last thing they hear from owners is, “My dog does not bite.”

As a result, mail carriers are often armed with protective measures, including dog spray to keep themselves safe. Dog owners are encouraged, however, to take some steps to protect postal carriers. Putting dogs in another room can be a smart idea if the mail arrives at the same time every day. Also, preventing children from taking a package on their own can be a wise choice, as dogs may feel the need to protect kids.

Mail carriers and other visitors deserve to be safe from permanent injury because of a negligent dog owner. Dog bites are serious medical issues that can lead to major expenses for bite victims. These victims deserve financial compensation for their pain and suffering, lost wages and other costs. A personal injury attorney can improve your likelihood of recovering appropriate financial damages.

Source: Nashville Scene, “The Complicated Relationship Between Pups and Postal Workers,” Steven Hale, May 04, 2017