According to The Spruce Pets, a dog may use a bite as a defense mechanism. Similarly, they may bite to defend their territory and any member of their pack. A mother dog may fiercely protect their puppies as well. When a person startles a dog by waking it up or approaching it from behind, they may provoke the dog to bite.

Similarly, when one runs away from a dog, even when they are playing, they may provoke the dog to bite. Doing so makes the dog think that it is part of the play. Additionally, running away may trigger the herding behavior and predatory pursuit.

When a dog is in a fearful situation, they may bite anyone who approaches them. These situations may be as a result of getting abused or being abandoned by the roadside or a loud noise. Similarly, they may bite when they are injured or are ailing. When a dog does not feel well or experiences pain, they may resent getting touched or approached even by their favorite person.

According to Doggonsafe, they may bite to protect their resting place. Similarly, they may become aggressive and bite when protecting their owner or the owner’s property. Additionally, a child may have done something that frightens or provokes the dog, such as trying to snatch something from the dog, stepping or leaning over the dog, and hugging or moving into the dog’s space.

Besides, the dog may bite if it is grumpy, old, has a bad day or lacks patience. When a dog gets startled or hurt through pulling its fur or poking it, stepping on it, or pilling its ears or tail, it may bite the person. Furthermore, the dog may be on a herding breed.