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Attorneys Fighting For You After A Serious Commercial Vehicle Accident

Unlike car-on-car accidents, for which most injured parties must prove permanent injury in order to claim monetary compensation, New Jersey law does not require injured motorists to prove that they suffered a permanent injury to obtain monetary compensation in cases of commercial vehicle negligence. This means that if a commercial vehicle strikes your vehicle and injures you, the other driver, the other driver’s employer and the commercial vehicle owner can all be held accountable for the full value of your injuries and damages. There is no “verbal threshold” that allows the insurance companies to preclude your recovery for pain and suffering.

The personal injury attorneys at Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, have spent our careers helping victims of commercial vehicle negligence get back on their feet after devastating collisions. We can build a convincing case on your behalf that will persuade commercial vehicle operators and their employers to pay your urgent medical expenses and household bills.

Holding Trucking Companies And Drivers Accountable

Trucking companies, distributors and store chains that employ truck drivers are required to carry insurance to compensate individual motorists in the case of injury or wrongful death. Because the 18-wheelers and other transport vehicles they use are so large and potentially dangerous, parties responsible for commercial transportation are required to protect the safety of other motorists.

Among their duties, they must keep trucks in good repair, ensure drivers have adequate training and rest and undergo periodic inspections. When commercial drivers and their employers neglect these duties, innocent motorists can be hurt or killed.

Who Looks Out For The Private Vehicle Owner?

Commercial transport companies and their insurers are rarely short on attorneys to protect their bank accounts when injured motorists demand compensation. Routinely, these attorneys will do whatever is necessary to undermine the validity of your story and the evidence that supports it. However, an experienced commercial vehicle accident attorney like Richard Goldstein can help you set the record straight and keep it that way.

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