Accidents With Borrowed Cars

Getting from place to place in New Jersey is not always easy if you do not own a car. Many people might take the bus or train to work, and a cab might do in a pinch to get somewhere, but other times it may be necessary to borrow a vehicle from a friend or family member. While this makes our lives easier if everything goes according to plan, if something goes wrong, it can lead to a series of inconveniences.

From time to time, people will be involved in accidents with borrowed cars. This raises a lot of uncertainty for these people, not completely different from what passengers injured in car crashes face. The question of which insurance plan will come into effect is one that is likely to be on the minds of East Orange residents who are involved in this kind of auto accident. Fortunately, the lawyers at Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, can come to the aid of people in this situation.

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In addition to insurance issues, there could be complicating factors involving the vehicle itself. If the accident was caused, or partially caused, by the poor condition of the vehicle, this could be a relevant detail when it comes to determining how to pursue damages.

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