Day Care And Child Care Liability


Working parents don’t always have the luxury of staying at home with their children. At the East Orange law firm of Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP, we understand that New Jersey families do what they can to give their kids the best upbringing they can. Our practice is made up of a father-and-son team of attorneys, so we put a high value on families.

Families often have to depend on others to watch their kids when they cannot such as at a day care or child care facility. While most facilities are safe environments, kids sometimes find ways to get hurt — perhaps because their caregivers are not being aware enough of what they are doing or because the daycare is understaffed. While no parent wants to deal with day care or child care liability cases, our lawyers can help families who need to be compensated for medical bills or other expenses as a result of their child’s injury.

Make Sure Your Family Is Adequately Protected

Children can easily get hurt at a day care, frequently because of unsafe conditions. Accidents can be more serious at in-home day cares, where children might be able to access heavy objects that they could pull to the floor, and onto themselves, for example. Day care and child care liability cases come into play when day care owners are liable for children getting hurt while in their care.

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